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AkaDigital provides digital advertising and analytic services with management of online display campaigns for the benefit of our advertisers, to reach Internet audiences and consumers to acquire marketing performance. The platform provide advertisers access to valuable internet publishers with ad impressions, across major ad exchanges, ad networks, direct publishers and other ad inventory suppliers. We then manage, analyze, optimise and report campaign results to clients.

We craft useful digital marketing strategy that grow your business. Our mission is to help brands simplify media buying decisions with programmatic data management and actionable insights to make connections with the right audiences:

– manage every moment of a campaign life cycle to target, attribute, remarket and frequency capping with optimum ads delivery for omniChannel reach

– deliver ads on high-performing channels to enhance user experience, embracing various ad formats, content strategy and intelligently allocate marketing budget across the right device to obtain the best ROI.

Quality Channels for right
Audience Connections
Bidding with real-time access to performing inventory. Acheive brand Engagement with Responsive Ad contents and Quality Channels to your websites or stores.

Data Driven Management
Acquire Users and activation for your campaigns with real-time data optimisation and targeting to real prospects and audiences.

Simplify Cross-Channels Media buy
Access mobile, online and social channels with ease. Access targeted audiences , setup campaign and manage targeting strategies.

Audience Targeting & Optimisation
From awareness to conversion, engage site visitors with the right ads to capitalize on the customer journey on the web.

Target High intent audiences with the right ad and contents, match with optimised data on visitors to your websites.

Cross-Device Management
Expand your Audience reach across devices as they switch between laptops, desktop, mobile and tablets, to increase conversions.

Programmatic Media Buying
Integrated data touchpoints and cross platforms delivery that seamlessly combines Data + DMP + DSP to drive results.

Dedicated Account Management
Get access to our dedicated and experienced teams in crafting strategies and building proven solutions to acquire goals.

Transparent Results & Reporting
Understand Performance, and improve campaign management to get Users activation for your campaigns with real-time analytics and reporting.

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